Furuncles on the labia: causes and treatment

Furuncles on the labia are not onlyan unpleasant, but also a dangerous problem. Pathology is usually accompanied by pain and severe itching. From this article, you will learn what to do with the appearance of boils and why they appear.

general information

Furuncle is an inflammation of the gland andhair follicle. It can occur on any part of the body, not excluding the inguinal region. On the labia, boils occur at their very base. Pathology is accompanied by reddening of the skin around the focus of infection and severe itching. In humans, the temperature usually rises, sometimes a purulent discharge is observed. Antibiotics and disinfectants are used for treatment. In some cases, surgical intervention is required.

furuncles on the labia

Why does a furuncle appear?

The causes of the occurrence of purulent inflammation are hidden in the penetration of bacteria into the body. Usually it is staphylococci. The bacterium causes inflammation of the hair bulb and surrounding tissues.

The activation of staphylococcus in the body can be provoked by various factors. What are the main causes of pathology?

  1. Low immunity. When the defenses are weakened, the body can not fully resist the attack of bacteria.
  2. Non-observance of elementary rules of personal hygiene.
  3. Frequent hypothermia.
  4. Increased sweating. The humid environment is an excellent place for the life of bacteria.
  5. Violation of metabolic processes. Metabolism plays an important role in the work of the whole organism.
  6. Avitaminosis.
  7. Inflammation of the Bartholin gland.
  8. Furuncles on the labia often occur in places of cuts from shaving. After depilation specialists recommend to treat affected areas with disinfectants.

Clinical manifestation of pathology

The presence of an abscess in an intimate place is an unpleasant phenomenon. How does this pathology manifest itself? It has several stages of development.

Initially, a small swelling in thegenital area, some note the occurrence of itching. Then the furuncle begins to thicken, puffiness develops, in the epicenter of inflammation a pulsation is felt. The diameter of this pimple can vary from 1 to about 3 cm.

After a while in the affected areaA purulent core is maturing, the entire surface of which is covered with vesicles. Furuncles on the labia are sometimes accompanied by fever, muscle and headache. In addition, some women have inflammation of the lymph nodes, which signals serious problems in the work of the body. That is why when the first signs of inflammation occur, it is impossible to delay with treatment.

The third stage is the final stage. At this stage, the furuncle ripens and subsequently opens, the surrounding tissues are released from accumulated pus.

Then the recovery period begins. At this time, it is especially important to monitor hygiene in the intimate area, as this determines the duration of healing of the boil. As a rule, this period lasts 8-12 days.


What to do with the appearance of boils?

Ulcers in an intimate place should not be left without attention. To get rid of discomfort it is possible with the help of salicylic alcohol.

A well-known ointment is very effectiveVishnevsky, but because of the specific smell it is used extremely rarely. Folk doctors recommend to treat boils on the labia with baked onions. This remedy quickly draws purulent contents from the pimple, so recovery comes in a few days.

But the best way to deal with this problem -seek help from an appropriate specialist. What do doctors usually advise? Depending on the clinical picture, the treatment can be both therapeutic and surgical.


Medication Therapy

Treatment of pathology usually depends on the symptoms andcomplications that accompany the boil, the causes of the inflammatory process. Many women late seek help from a doctor, trying to cope with the abscess themselves. In this case, surgery is usually required.

As methods of conservative therapyuse "Levomekol", "Ihtiol". These ointments are used to relieve inflammation and swelling. Based on the results of the analysis to identify the pathogen, the doctor prescribes antibiotics ("Dicloxacillin", "Tetracycline", "Erythromycin"). The course of treatment is not more than two weeks.

furuncle on the labia

When is surgery necessary?

In especially serious cases, when the boil onthe large labia does not lend itself to drug therapy, the doctor prescribes surgery. Surgical intervention is performed using a local anesthesia option, so pain discomfort is minimal. During the operation, the doctor opens the focus of inflammation and removes its contents. The cavity formed is disinfected and a special tube is installed. It is necessary for the excretion of pus. Drainage is removed after about 5 days.

Surgical intervention allowsThe shortest possible time to get rid of such a phenomenon as furuncle on the labia. Treatment will be much more effective if you additionally use physiotherapy (electrophoresis, UHF).

boil on small labia

What can not be done with a boil?

Regardless of the stage of the pathological process, the sexual life is prohibited for the entire period of therapy. Otherwise, the risk of relapse increases.

Because this education isinfectious focus, you can touch the affected area only with clean hands. After the treatment, you need to wash your hands with an antibacterial agent to avoid getting the infection into the body.

Independently perform an autopsy boil(picking or squeezing out) is strictly prohibited. The skin in the groin is very tender, there are many capillary vessels. If the abscess is not completely squeezed out, the infection can penetrate the blood. This entails inflammation of the venous tissues.

Also, you can not scratch or scratch the damagedregion. If the abscess has opened itself, it is necessary to carefully treat the wound, remove its contents and apply a bandage. Antiseptic procedures are recommended to repeat until complete healing of the pimple. To reduce the inflammatory process, you can take antibiotics. Drugs should be prescribed by the doctor after the analysis of the pathogenic flora.

furuncle on large labia

Preventive actions

In order to avoid the appearance of such troubles as a furuncle on the labia minora, it is necessary to strictly observe certain rules of prevention.

First and foremost, doctors advise carefullychoose underwear. It is better to wear clothes made of natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. Daily shower should be taken. Depilation in the intimate zone must be exercised with all caution. Cuts and micro-injuries can trigger the development of inflammation.

Every woman should take care of herimmunity. The weakened organism can not fully resist pathogenic pathogens. The diet should consist of foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. On the advice of a doctor, you can drink a course of multivitamins and immunostimulating agents.

Regular appearance of boils indicatesserious health problems. Therefore, doctors recommend not just to treat a pathology, but to undergo a comprehensive examination to determine the causes of its development. Be healthy!

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