Cough as a symptom. Inflammation of the lungs or the common cold?

Inflammation of the lungs, or as the disease is called inthe medical world - pneumonia, is contagious. The ailment can be a complication after viral infections. Contribute to pneumonia factors such as influenza, infection, hypothermia, intoxication. Both bacterial and viral pathogens can cause pneumonia.

symptom of pneumonia
Symptoms of pneumonia

In both children and adults, the symptomatology of pneumonia is the same:

  • increased body temperature;
  • cough with sputum discharge;
  • strong rhinitis;
  • headaches and muscle pains;
  • severe shortness of breath;
  • well-audible wheezing in the lungs;
  • pallor;
  • tachycardia;
  • poor appetite;
  • chills.

In general, the symptoms depend on the viral pathogen, so our list can either supplement or exclude some items.

Cough, as a constant concomitant diseasea symptom whose lung inflammation is diagnosed easily, will allow timely treatment and prevent complications of the disease. If the therapy is wrong, this disease can lead to even a fatal outcome.

Quite often, the fight against the disease occurs inhome conditions. The patient does not even suspect that high fever is manifested as a symptom, inflammation of the lungs at which it is quite possible. He confuses pneumonia with a viral infection. Yes, it's a sin to hide, sometimes a doctor can not diagnose pneumonia. In such situations, complications simply can not be avoided.

bilateral pneumonia
The main symptom, pneumonia without which it does not happen, is a cough. It becomes a permanent and main sign of the disease if:

  • improvement of health again gives way to deterioration in health;
  • the disease lasts more than seven days;
  • A deep breath causes coughing attacks;
  • do not help to improve the condition, even antipyretics;
  • a clear pallor of the skin appeared;
  • excruciates constant shortness of breath.

Such symptoms do not indicate the presence of pneumonia, but give rise to a thorough diagnosis.

Bilateral pneumonia

In clinical practice this diseaseis considered very heavy. In this variant, the focus of inflammation is localized simultaneously in both lungs. To develop bilateral pneumonia can both as an independent disease, and as a complication after bronchitis or ARVI. Inflammation captures the alveoli, the pleura, the intermediate tissue and bronchi.

Inflammation of the lungs in children
Inflammation of the lungs in children

Very rarely in children, pneumonia is observed asindependent disease. Most often, after a viral infection or as a complication after the flu, there is a serious symptom. Inflammation becomes a continuation of an already existing disease. This is due to low immunity. Microbes in the upper pathways are not destroyed by immune cells and easily penetrate into the lungs, where they actively multiply.

A classic case of the disease is pneumococcal infection. In children up to three years there is also a staphylococcal pathogen. Less common are chlamydia or mycoplasma bacteria.

In any case, pneumonia is deadlykids disease. It is very important to correctly diagnose and start treatment on time. Moreover, in most cases, inflammation of the lungs is not so serious and easy to treat.

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