How to treat angina at home?

Angina is one of the most insidious diseases. With the wrong method of treatment, it can provoke serious complications, manifested in the form of problems with the heart, kidneys and other important organs. This disease is contagious, but few of us will agree to voluntarily treat it in the appropriate department of the hospital, but will want to be treated at an outpatient, that is, at home. And for this you need to know how to treat angina at home and be able to apply this knowledge in practice. It is important to start treatment in time when the first symptoms appear, and then the chances for a quick (and without consequences) recovery are significantly increased.

First of all, go to bed and calldoctor. Many of us from childhood know how to treat angina at home. However, there are many varieties of this disease, and in what particular form you have angina, only a qualified specialist can establish it. Then the doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs and tell you how to treat angina at home. The main medicines for the treatment of this disease will be antibiotics, which will have to be taken at the dosage indicated by the doctor. There are other types of medications that, together with antibiotics, will help to speed up your recovery. These include all kinds of aerosols, rinsing solutions, ointments and special preparations for lubricating the throat, as well as various inhalations. Throat should be rinsed / lubricated at least three times a day. For rinsing, a 10% salt solution and / or furacilin solution will work well. Lubricate the throat with an oil solution of chlorophyllipt. Inhalation is an alternative to lubricating and rinsing the throat. If you do not have a special device at home, you can use the available tools: a teapot with a funnel on it.

Do not forget about drinking too much. Drinking a large amount of liquid, you can reduce the overall intoxication of the body, thereby improving its condition. You can drink warm black tea, tea with chamomile, compotes, fruit drinks. Tea with chamomile can also have a beneficial effect on the condition of your throat. Nutrition during the recovery period should be gentle and contain a large amount of vitamin C.

But what if the child was sick? How and how to treat angina in a child? First, call the pediatrician at home. As a rule, the symptoms of the disease in children are manifested as drowsiness, general weakness. Body temperature rises sharply and rapidly. We must not allow the body temperature to be above 38.5 °, we must immediately give an antipyretic. If you understand that it's hard to control the temperature, or it does not get off, the child's doctor did not inspect - do not take risks and call an ambulance. You will be helped to bring down the temperature, examine the baby and, possibly, will be offered to go to the hospital. If you refuse to be treated in a hospital, then an ambulance doctor will definitely give you recommendations for treatment at home.

If the temperature gets lost, the baby's conditionlight, you can apply a general knowledge of how to treat sore throat at home. It is necessary to provide abundant drink and give antipyretic. The throat can be treated with drugs that do not have contraindications for age. It will be ideal if all preparations for your child appoint a qualified doctor. Every year in pharmacology there are new, more effective medicines that you may not know about, and the doctor will tell you about them. Fulfilling all the recommendations of the pediatrician, you will be able to cure your child in the shortest possible time.

Now you know how to treat angina at home, but I hope that you will not have to apply your knowledge in practice. Be healthy!

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