Vocal cords: treatment

Vocal cords, the treatment of which will be hereexamined, are in the middle part of the pharynx. In themselves they are very specific elastic formations. Their composition includes connective, as well as muscle tissue. The space that lies between the vocal cords is called the voice gap. Because of the pressure of the air that comes out of the lungs during exhalation, the distance between the ligaments immediately narrows, they themselves stretch and begin to oscillate - that's exactly what we are saying. Also, vocal cords are also needed to prevent any objects from getting into our bronchi and lungs without hindrance.

How sensitive are the vocal cords, and also what problems can occur with them

In many ways, the vocal cords are similar to strings, soThey can not hesitate without the necessary stretching. Often, laryngitis causes inflammation of the vocal cords, the treatment of which should be immediate. Inflamed, they noticeably increase in size, which, of course, leads to a decrease in the glottis. In especially severe cases, they swell so much that they do not even let in air. As a result, a person may have a suffocation attack. Fortunately, this does not happen often, but only in rare cases, when a person himself started the disease. Usually the cause here is a variety of infectious diseases, from which from time to time can suffer from vocal cords. Treatment in some cases can be done independently, but in order to avoid complications, it is best to contact the otolaryngologist in time. Wait until the last is highly not recommended.

Not often problems with vocal cordsappear also due to the fact that a person constantly overstrains his voice. They are also adversely affected by tobacco smoke. His voice is hoarse, but this, of course, is only the lesser of ills.

For treatment, as a rule, use various medications and sprays, chronic their lesions can become and cause the operation.

Treatment of vocal cords by folk methods

Traditional medicine has succeeded here. The vocal cords, the treatment of which we are considering, can be brought to a normal state and with the help of what nature has given us.

For the most part, all the procedures in this caseare associated with rinsing, as a result of which the necessary substances fall on the vocal cords. It is also possible to take drugs inside. Treatment is very effective, and the result from it can be seen very soon. Here are some miraculous recipes:

1) Broth horseradish: The horseradish root of medium size should be filled with three quarters of a liter of boiling water. Insist for about an hour. This broth is needed not for rinsing, but for ingestion. Take it with honey every hour. One dose is a teaspoonful.

2) Carrots and honey: squeeze juice from carrots, and mix it with honey (one to one). Take about four times in one day.

3) Decoction of onion skins: about three teaspoons of onion skins of golden color, pour half a liter of boiling water, cook a couple of minutes, and then give some more time to brew. Gargle is needed about three times a day, but many turn to this broth for help every time the inflammation makes itself felt.

4) Chocolate: just take a couple of its lobules into your mouth and slowly dissolve them.

5) Onions and garlic: cook both, blend in equal proportions and use a little bit. Many people find this remedy unpleasant, but it should be noted that it simply perfectly softens the vocal cords. Treatment is very effective.

Use folk remedies only then,when they are really sure that the problem does not concern those who should be feared. Remember that the consequences of vocal cord diseases can be very unpleasant.

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