Do injections help to lose weight?

Usually a woman overweight comes unnoticed andeasily. But the process of losing weight is heavy and long. Each representative of the weaker sex independently chooses for herself the method of combating such undesirable fat deposits, focusing primarily on her preferences and her own willpower: there are different powder tablets, regular exercises in the gym, and various diets.

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Innovative method

But for today there is one moreeffective and fashionable way to get rid of extra pounds, namely, injections for weight loss, reviews of which do not cease to amaze. Now, procedures for losing weight with this "acupuncture" are widely used in most modern beauty salons. And one of the most popular procedures is mesotherapy.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a local introductionin the middle layers of the skin with the help of a very thin needle of doses of biologically active or medicinal preparations. Such injections in the stomach for weight loss, for example, consist of nucleic acids, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. So they are quite effective.

The injection process and its effect

Enter injections for weight loss directly into thearea of ​​problem areas. As shown by numerous studies, such a drug against excess weight leads to an improvement in the cellular level of metabolism, activation of the decomposition of fatty deposits and stimulation of the removal of a large amount of moisture from the body. In addition, toxins are released with excess fluid.

Contraindications for mesotherapy

Thus, mesotherapy is excellenta means of combating cellulite. Contraindication may be liver disease, because just through it partially discharged fat cells, resulting in injections for weight loss can provoke liver failure, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases. Other contraindications are hormonal disorders, diabetes of any type and asthma.

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Number of mesotherapy procedures

The cosmetologist should independently determine the frequency and number of procedures, given the amount of fat and skin condition. Often apply 5-10 sessions.


On the day of the procedure and for about two daysafter its carrying out categorically it is impossible to take in fats of an animal origin as the disintegration of fatty adjournment comes immediately after introduction of a medical preparation. Swimming pool, sauna or solarium can be visited after 3-4 days, and self-massage and massage we recommend doing about a week after mesotherapy.


Injections in the stomach for weight loss

Such injections for weight loss resemble mesotherapy,but here under the skin injected with a fat burning properties. The duration of the procedure can not but rejoice - only 30 minutes, which is a godsend for a busy woman. Lipotherapy does not allow the skin to sag, and after the procedure, cellulite manifestations disappear and stretch marks do not appear.


This is a special amino acid that givesThe ability to generate energy from fat stores, rather than from the food you eat. But, unfortunately, few can boast of the correct metabolism and high quality of food. There is an opinion that Levokarnitin is addictive, but this is not proven, because a person receives useful substances from food.

When choosing any method, remember that noneis a panacea for the further appearance of fat deposits. You will be provided with a stable weight, if you are completely interested in losing weight, and if you follow the right way of life: periodic massage sessions, full sleep, regular exercise and rational nutrition.

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