Alternative - phytoplasty of homeopathy. Indications for use and constitutional type

Homeopathic preparations cause in manyambiguous feelings. On the one hand, these are medicines that have been used for centuries for the treatment of various diseases. On the other hand, clinical medicine denies any curative effect of homeopathic components. One of these substances is phytoliac. Homeopathy indications for use do not define as numerous, but in conjunction with other homeopathic remedies phytolyacques are very in demand.

Fight fire with fire

This saying can serve as a mottohomeopathy. After all, this alternative medicine is based on the fact that for the treatment of any disease you need to use substances that in a healthy person cause the same symptoms that are manifested in the disease. For example, plant phytolyacus. Homeopathy indications for the use of the drug gives the following: diseases accompanied by reddening of the throat, the appearance on mucous white deposits; inflammation of the joint tissues, as well as tumors of the mammary glands. Why, because it is these kinds of irritation that causes phytolyacus, getting into the body of a healthy person.

phytolyacia homeopathy indications for use

Plants, stones and not only

The main components of homeopathy are naturalsubstances: various parts of plants, minerals, chemical compounds, ash. But since homeopathy believes that getting rid of the disease follows a substance that can cause it, then in this branch of alternative medicine components taken from infected tissues and organs are used. Each such substance in homeopathy has its own name. One of the components is phytoliac. Instruction for the use of this substance indicates its origin and scientific name - American Laconos.

Treatment of sciatica in the home

Constitutional type

Homeopathy is not only an alternativemedicine in the form of medicines. It also gives characteristics to the constitutional types of people corresponding to one or another kind of homeopathic component. So, phytolyacia (homeopathy), indications for the use of which - pain in the throat, joints, breast tumors, has in its theory the image - phytolacca. It should be plump, with pale skin, experiencing neuralgic pains, similar to the passage of an electric current throughout the body, a person. It is characterized by frequent headaches that begin in the afternoon and often last at night. Movement to this type of people does not bring relief with joint and muscle ailments. Homeopathy selects the composition of the drug mixture depending on the constitutional homeopathic type of a person and the illness that needs to be cured.

phytolyacia homeopathy instruction

What diseases are shown Phytolacca

Indian ivy serves as the basis of the drug of alternative medicine - phytoliac. Homeopathy indications for the use of this tool gives the following health problems:

  • angina;
  • headache;
  • suffocating cough;
  • sciatica;
  • periostitis;
  • tumors of mammary glands.

These symptoms, according to expertsalternative medicine, successfully cures phytolyacia (homeopathy). The instruction on the use of this plant substance indicates that it can be used by those who seek to lose weight.

phytolyacqua in case of problems

Sciatica and phytolyacia

Homeopathy often uses componentsSome of them are also used in traditional medicine as medicinal plants. Phytolacca decandra has in its composition substances that have allowed it to take not the least place among the components of medicines. Treatment with these funds is carried out both in outpatient settings and in hospitals. For example, the treatment of sciatica nerve inflammation at home is possible with the help of a homeopathic component - "Fitolyakka". Parts of the American lakonos, only if the Phytolacca beads are not purchased at the homeopathic store, insist on vodka for 3 weeks, putting the sealed capacity in a cool dark place. Then the liquid is filtered and used as a grind. Naturally, it must be taken into account that the treatment of sciatica nerve inflammation at home, however, like any other disease, should be performed only after the diagnosis is made and under the supervision of the attending physician.

fitolyacca instructions for use

If the stomach hurts

Laconos, or Phytolacca decandra, is activeused in homeopathic medicine for pain in the abdomen. So, phytolyacus with problems of the gastrointestinal tract can relieve pain, get rid of spasms. There is evidence that the mature berries of the plant itself, Lakonos American, help with peptic ulcer disease, since they have anti-inflammatory properties. Again, it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist in order to diagnose and receive recommendations for the treatment of the disease. It is best to use the recommendations of clinical medicine, and the advice of homeopaths is to be left as an auxiliary.

phytolyacia homeopathy indications for use

On homeopathy, hope, but also about doctors do not forget

A simple person, practically nothingknowledgeable in practical and homeopathic medicine, it is difficult to judge the adequacy of the latter. The only thing worth knowing is that the World Health Organization does not recommend the use of homeopathy in the treatment of serious diseases, such as infectious diseases, oncological education. This recommendation is based on the fact that homeopathy as an alternative medicine has no evidence base. Vsk drugs, as doctors say, have a placebo effect, not more. And if a person can use homeopathic remedies at some states and get a positive effect on their use, serious illnesses can not be left to the will of the homeopathic healer.

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