Supplements "Profertil": instructions for use

Lack of certain substances in the body of menvery often leads to the development of various diseases, including malfunctions in the reproductive system. To restore their health, experts recommend using a drug such as Profertil. Instructions for use, the manufacturer of this tool will be presented below.

profertil instruction for use

Form release, its composition and packaging

In what form do they produce such a drug as Profertil? Instructions for use, reviews argue that this tool for men is available in the form of capsules in cardboard packages of 60 or 180 pieces.

The composition of this dietary supplements includes:

  • L-Arginine;
  • L-Carnitine;
  • glutathione;
  • coenzyme Q 10;
  • zinc;
  • vitamin E;
  • folic acid;
  • selenium.

Features of the tool

What is Profertil supplements? Instructions for use (the composition of the drug was described above) states that this is a vitamin complex designed for the stronger sex.

According to the doctors, this biological supplement to food is called upon to improve the reproductive capacity of men.

Therapy of impaired fertile functions in spouses,wishing to have children, plays a special role in medical practice. As you know, the causes of reproductive failure may be hidden in the state of women, and in the condition of men. For the treatment of women, there is a huge number of therapeutic measures. As for men, their treatment is limited only by improving the quality of sperm.

profertil application instruction manufacturer

Properties of dietary supplements

What is remarkable about Profertil? Instructions for use say that this product combines special ingredients. It was designed to improve the quality of sperm, that is, the reproductive function of men.

The composition of this remedy was chosen in such a way as to provide all the needs of the human body with insufficient fertility, which is related to the nutritional factor.

Specialists say that after taking the medication under consideration, the quality of the semen is significantly improved (until the spermatogram is fully normalized).

Component Action

What determines the effectiveness of the "Profertil" dietary supplements? Instruction for use asserts that the effect of this tool is related to its composition.

  • L-Carnitine is able to improve the quality and motility of spermatozoa. This substance is formed in the human body and provides cells that produce spermatozoa, an energy substrate.
  • L-Arginine is an amino acid. It is necessary for a man in large quantities, since it improves the quality and mobility of spermatozoa.
    profertil application instructions reviews
  • Vitamin E is designed to improve sperm motility, and also to increase their ability to penetrate into the egg.
  • Coenzyme Q 10 is able to increase the quality of sperm, fertilizing function and motility of spermatozoa.
  • Zinc participates in a number of biochemical processes, and also contributes to an increase in the level of testosterone, an increase in the density of spermatozoa and an increase in their activity.
  • Selenium and glutathione are highly effective in binding free radicals. With their use, there is a marked improvement in sperm motility.
  • Folic acid is necessary for the division and production of cells, metabolism and hematopoiesis. In addition, it is a protector of the coronary system.

Indications for use of dietary supplements

In what cases are men prescribed a drug"Profertil"? Instruction for use informs that for the representatives of the stronger sex it is recommended to use this agent as an active biologically additive to food, ie an additional source of zinc, glutathione, L-carnitine, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, folic acid, selenium, etc.

Contraindications to the intake of dietary supplements

Do you know about when men are notprescribe the drug "Profertil"? Instruction for use states that such capsules can not be used only with individual intolerance of its components. It should also be noted that this drug is prohibited for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Before taking dietary supplements, it is necessary to consult an experienced doctor.

profertil application instruction analog

Biological supplement Profertil: instructions for use

Analogs of this tool are presented below.

This drug should be taken 2 capsules per day after meals or during a meal with a small amount of drinking water.

Use a biological supplement for men should be at least three months in a row. Only in this case the optimization of the phase of spermatogenesis begins.

Also, "Profertil" is taken before pregnancy.

Adverse Events

Negative effects on the background of taking the additive under consideration were not revealed. When observing any unpleasant symptoms, you should always consult a doctor.

Price, analogues, manufacturer

The manufacturer of the funds in question is the German company Advance Pharma GmbH.

To date, the cost of BAA "Profertil" varies between 6000-10000 rubles. You can replace this product with the following vitamin complexes:

  • syrup "ImmuniTon";
  • tea with blueberry "Maxiflorum";
  • plant collection "Immunosil-Horst"
  • concentrate "Violetta-5".
    Prosettil instruction on the use of the composition


Customer feedback reports that theBAA has high efficiency. This drug positively affects the reproductive system of men, increasing the amount and quality of sperm. Also after taking BAA significantly increases the likelihood of conception of the baby.

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