Inflammation of the ligament: symptoms and treatment

Inflammation of the ligament of the knee joint - enougha common disease resulting from abrupt movements, a long, monotonous work of the muscles, as well as stretching, injuries, bruises, dislocations, and strokes.

Inflammation of ligaments in athletes

Most often this disease occurs insports, namely in the types associated with regular bouncing, landing, acceleration and braking. The most traumatic for joints are sharp movements in unusual directions or with a large amplitude, which is inherent in football players, jumpers, skiers, boxers, volleyball players.

inflammation of the knee joint
Inflammation of the ligament in sports is called "traumajumper ", because it is in the process of jumping that the knees are injured most of all. Strengthens the negative effect of the hardness of the coatings, in which athletes conduct their training.

At risk: the elderly

Inflammation of the ligament of the knee joint can alsoobserved in the elderly and part of the natural process - aging. Over the years, the body wears out significantly, resistance to diseases is reduced, degenerative changes in the joints are accumulated, including swelling, restriction of mobility, the appearance of pain, the appearance of clicks and crunching during movement. More active manifestations of diseases that cause a violation of the functionality of the muscular ligaments:

  • red systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • diabetes;
  • renal chronic insufficiency;
  • rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms of inflammation of ligaments

In the knee joint there are 4 main ligaments (2internal and 2 external), taking part in the mechanism of elongation of the knee, its lateral and rotational stability, extension and bending. Inflammation can occur both in these dense formations of connective tissue, and in a patellar ligament located from the knee cap to the tibia.

inflammation of the ligament of the knee joint

Determine the inflammation of the ligament of the knee can be for the following symptoms:

  • Swelling in the area of ​​inflammation. This condition is observed for several days, often accompanied by fever in the affected area. In soft tissues there are hemorrhages, which outwardly look like bruises and bruises.
  • Pain in the knee. At an early stage manifest with physical exertion, with the development of the inflammatory process, dull pain is constantly present.
  • Stiffness and tension of the knee.
  • Difficulties in the process of full extension of the joint.

Often, inflammation of the ligament of the knee joint,the symptoms of which directly indicate a danger to health, is not taken seriously by a person. To ease the pain in the course are ointments of the appropriate purpose, using various folk methods. The result of taking such measures, perhaps, will show the result, but at the same time, the positive effect will be of a short-term nature. Therefore, if you find the above symptoms, as well as with the injuries and bruises that can lead to inflammation of the ligament, you should immediately go to a doctor who can correctly diagnose the disease and prescribe the appropriate treatment.


Diagnosis consists of several stages, the firstof which is a medical examination. This process is not particularly difficult due to the superficial location of the knee ligaments. The doctor carefully probes the area of ​​attachment of the ligament to the patella, presses it on to determine the location of the inflammatory focus, and asks to unbend the knee joint with resistance. In most cases, this action is accompanied by painful sensations.

inflammation of the ligament of the knee joint

Radiograph taken in a straight and lateral directionprojection, helps to clarify the diagnosis. If certain pathologies are found (ossification within the ligament or fatigue fractures - microcracks in the bone, resulting from osteoporosis and repeated overloads), an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) examination is performed, which allows a detailed examination of soft tissues: tendons, menisci, muscles, ligaments.

Because of the close arrangement of the ligamentpatella there is the possibility of performing ultrasound, which allows to reveal degenerative changes in connective tissue, its thickening and ruptures. In the recovery phase, ultrasound fixes the increase in blood circulation.

Methods of conservative therapy

Treatment of ligaments has an integrated approach and consists of carrying out such activities as:

  • taking anti-inflammatory drugs (Orthofen, Indomethacin);
  • application of compresses with ice;
  • changing the mode of training (for athletes);
  • exercise designed to stretch and strengthen the quadriceps muscle of the thigh;
  • teypirovanie - unloading patellar ligament with a wide adhesive plaster or a special bandage.
    ligament inflammation

Therapy will have a positive result whencreating a complete rest for the diseased part of the body by fixing it (with a tire, bandage, tight bandage) and excluding any loads on the inflammation zone. The optimal regime for quality treatment is complete rest.

If conservative methods are not effectiveinflammation of the ligament is treated surgically. Through the puncture or incision, an arthroscope is inserted, with the help of which the necessary manipulations are carried out: removal of altered tissues, application to ligament ligaments.

Gymnastics as an effective way to cure ligaments

Inflammation of the knee joint, the treatment of which is effective only with an integrated approach, can be removed by physical exercises:

  • knee extension and swing with resistance;
  • exercise on the development of elasticity and flexibility of muscles through their sipping;
  • squeezing the ball between the knees;
  • step;
  • lifting of a straight leg in the supine position on the back and on the side.
    inflammation of the ligament of the knee joint symptoms

Duration of training can range fromseveral weeks to several months. As soon as pain disappears during the gymnastics, one more exercise should be added: squats on the inclined surface.

Traditional medicine: recipes

Inflammation of the ligament of the knee joint, treatmentwhich lasts from 2 to 6 weeks, can be removed using traditional medicine. It is necessary to consult with a doctor, because many folk techniques are only an additional component of complex therapy.

The most effective way of treatment in the homeconditions is an ice massage, for the application of which several plastic cups should be filled with water and placed in a freezer. Massaging the sore spot requires three times a day the top of the ice for 15-20 minutes.

Beneficial effect on diseased ligaments and the bodyin general will turmeric, consumed daily for half a gram. Included in its composition curcumin is characterized by analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Home gypsum and salt compress

Pain and swelling within a few days will remove"Home gypsum", made from whipped chicken protein and a tablespoon of vodka or alcohol. The mixture must be thoroughly mixed, add a tablespoon of flour. The finished product is applied to the elastic bandage, which is applied to the inflamed area, it is difficult to bind the sore spot and allow it to freeze. The bandage should be changed every day, until the moment of recovery.

Inflammation of the ligaments of the knee joint, symptoms,whose treatment is of great concern to patients, can be removed by applying salt dressings. In a glass of warm water you need to dissolve a spoonful of salt.

inflammation of the knee joints of the knee
In the resulting composition, moisten and lightly wring outa napkin, wrap it with a plastic bag, put it for a few minutes in the freezer. Apply to a sore spot, fix with a bandage and keep until completely dry.

Inflammation of ligaments of the knee joint, causeswhich can be determined by various methods of diagnosis is quite a dangerous phenomenon. The mechanical strength of connective tissue is reduced, and this can lead to its partial or complete rupture. Therefore, it is very important to take seriously the treatment of such a disease and not bring it to an operable state. With a competent approach to therapy, in most cases, the inflammation of the ligaments is curable.

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