Prevention and treatment of liver cancer in Israel

It's no secret that the treatment of liver cancer inIsrael - a demanded service. The clinics of Israel offer medical services for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, so come here from a variety of places.

treatment of liver cancer in Israel
There are two types of liver cancer. Primary cancer occurs in 3% of patients, secondary is a consequence of the spread of metastases. In most cases, cancer patients have a history of such diseases as chronic hepatitis and liver tumors.


Liver cancer is not always accompanied by any symptoms, but often the following manifestations:

1) a violation of appetite, resulting in weight loss;

2) fever, nausea;

3) increase in liver size;

4) bleeding from the nose;

5) yellow eye proteins (due to overlapping of the bile duct with a tumor);

6) white feces, dark urine.

But do not panic, because these signs can signal other disorders in the body.


Diagnosis, as well as treatment of liver cancer inIsrael is the best fight against cancer. For diagnostics use a computer tomography, ultrasound, as well as positron emission and magnetic resonance equipment.


Treatment of liver cancer in Israel depends on the stage of cancer, as well as the degree of liver damage.

With partial damage to the liver, the damaged area is surgically removed. If the entire organ is damaged, the clinic will offer a donor organ transplant.

Also used for treatment are tumor destruction with ethanol, radiofrequency ablation, SIRT and other therapeutic measures.

treatment of lung cancer 4 degrees
Treatment of liver cancer in Israel is long and successful, with timely treatment there is every chance to defeat the disease.

Along with oncological disease of the liver is also lung cancer.

Often the detection of lung cancer occurs in the last stages. The fact is that this disease progresses in a latent form, which complicates its diagnosis.

The main signs of lung cancer:

1) dry cough for a long period, against which hemoptysis may be noted;

2) bronchitis or pneumonia, which can occur repeatedly;

3) during physical exertion there may be a shortage of air;

4) chest pain, sometimes high fever.


treatment of stomach cancer Stage 4
Thanks to modern medical technologiestreatment of lung cancer of the 4th degree has become more effective. It is performed surgically, as well as with the help of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. When lung cancer is detected, doctors also practice a combined method of treatment, which includes all 3 methods. After carrying out the necessary procedures, the patient is prescribed antibiotics to reduce the risk of complications.

In the same way, there is treatment for stomach cancer in stage 4.

The causes of gastric cancer can be gastritis, ulcers, polyps, decreased immunity. An important reason for the occurrence of stomach cancer is the use of alcohol.

Signs of stomach cancer: pain in the abdomen, blood fibers in the stool.

If you find any symptoms of the disease, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor.

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