The vessel in the eye burst: treatment and the causes

Vision is one of the most susceptiblebodies. The state of human health is reflected in the eyes. For example, with catarrhal diseases and fever, they glisten, liver diseases can be recognized by yellow proteins, and with a strong fatigue and stress become red. In these cases, the oculist is not treated, since the condition of the organ of vision is a consequence of some disease. An ophthalmologist should be visited if the vessel in the eye bursts. Treatment in this case may not be required, but it should be determined by a specialist. The main reason for going to the doctor is a non-aesthetic appearance, a strong redness is evident to others. Therefore, if the vessel in the eye bursts, the treatment is prescribed by an ophthalmologist to remove redness and return the natural form to the organs of vision.

Why is this happening?

The main causes of vessel fragility are:

  • the vessel burst in the eye treatment
  • endocrine diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • long stay at the computer;
  • excessive intake of alcohol;
  • smoking abuse;
  • long stay in a sauna or a sauna;
  • migraine;
  • tired eyes;
  • being in the sun;
  • lack of sleep;
  • retinal angiopathy
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • osteochondrosis.

To exclude or diagnose listedreasons, you should consult a doctor if the vessel in the eye bursts. Treatment is prescribed when it occurs due to a serious illness in order to exclude hemorrhage in other organs. If the reason for the damage to the vessel is insignificant, the redness passes on its own, without medication.

the vessel in the eye burst like a cure
The vessel in the eye burst: how to treat?

If you have a similar "trouble", do notIt is necessary to start using vasoconstrictive drops on their own, as they can cause spots on the eyeball. Also, you can not wash the eye with tea leaves, otherwise irritation will increase and conjunctivitis may start.

If the vessel in the eye bursts, the treatment is prescribed independing on the cause of this phenomenon. So, with fatigue of the organ of vision, it is recommended to use drops "Vizin", "Defisle". They will help to remove the redness and restore the freshness and beauty of the eyes. It is recommended to eat more foods that contain vitamin C (for example citrus fruits). Its high content ensures the stability of the vessels. It is recommended to exclude alcohol, reduce the consumption of coffee, if possible, give up smoking.

the vessel under the eye burst
If the cause of fragility of the vessels are migraine,pressure jumps, then it is necessary to take medicine for hypertension, which the doctor selects individually for each case. With retinal angiopathy, treatment should be directed to vascular strengthening. This will help the vitamin courses and drops "Taufon."

Often there are complaints about the fact that the vessel has burstunder the eye. This case also spoils the appearance and is treatable. Various methods are used - this is a procedure for burning out, eliminating a problem with a laser, etc.

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