Whether helps retinoevaja ointment from spots: responses

Refer to drugs against acne or comedonesnot only for adolescents in the period of hormonal formation, but often for people over thirty, who could not overcome this problem in their youth. As a rule, to the general problem of acne, in this case, a complex skin deformation is added in the form of scars and chronic subcutaneous purulent formations. According to the doctors-dermatologists and their numerous patients, retinoic ointment from acne helps to cope with all these troubles.

ointment from acne retinoevaya

Composition and description of the preparation

The leading element, through whichtherapeutic effect of the drug, is isotretinoin. This component eliminates inflammation by suppressing bacterial reproduction, clears the glands from purulent contents and, which is important for those who struggle with acne for many years, - softens and smoothes the relief of damaged epidermis.

Auxiliary ingredients are:

  • Butyloxyanisole, dibunol - substances that slow oxidation processes in the skin.
  • Wax-emulsifier, normalizing the water balance of the epidermis and responsible for the optimal consistency of the ointment.
  • Vaseline and glycerin are known softening, restoring and moisturizing elements.
  • Ethyl alcohol is a disinfectant, antimicrobial action.

As you can see in the photo, retinoic ointment from acne onits texture is no different from a good cream - the average density, the absence of a pronounced fat content. The application of the product is easy, absorbency is high, there are no negative sensations after the distribution of the ointment.

The form of the preparation is an aluminum tube with 0.1 or 0.05% content, in a cardboard box with instructions.

retinoic ointment for acne

Effect of ointment

Components of ointment from acne "Retinoevaya" cancause allergies, so with high skin sensitivity it is recommended to perform a preliminary test, wiping a small amount of the remedy in the area of ​​the elbow or wrist bending. If within 30 minutes after rubbing the ointment of unpleasant sensations, redness, rashes did not arise, the drug can be applied on the face.

As a matter of fact, retinoids are concentrates of vitamin A, therefore all the positive properties of this vitamin element also pass to its derivatives:

  • The processes of skin aging are slowing down and the regeneration of epidermal cells is enhanced.
  • Cell division in hair follicles stops, which prevents the appearance of comedones.
  • The intensity of the sebaceous glands is inhibited.

It should be noted that the ointment is not intended forskin, acne affected by more than 30%. Also, the remedy does not relieve old acne, from furunculosis or severe coarsening of the skin with multiple scars.

Terms of Use

Even if the skin responded well to the testtest, in the beginning application of retinoic ointment from acne with almost 100% probability there will be an exacerbation of inflammatory process. Interrupt treatment is not necessary, but a pause of 1-2 days is recommended if a large number of new rashes are noticed or irritation in the form of very strong peeling occurs. If the epidermis begins to actively peel off, you can not accelerate the process by any mechanical action.

There are a number of conditions, observance of which guarantees the occurrence of a positive result:

  • If the acne is above the average level, a substance with an elevated concentration of 0.1% is used and, with a decrease in signs, 0.05%.
  • It is necessary to completely abandon the supplementary intake of vitamin A in other therapeutic complexes.
  • It is recommended to stop wearing contact lenses for the duration of treatment.
  • Apply the ointment to a clean (without scrub) face, carefully dried after washing.
  • You can not use retinoic ointment for acne more than one month without a break.
  • Sharply stop the use of the ointment is forbidden - it is necessary to switch to reducing the amounts of application after receiving the first positive results;
  • Do not apply ointment on the circumcised area and around the eyes.
  • Retinoic ointment from acne is not applied before going out, as it increases the sensitivity of the skin to UV radiation.

After soaking, the product must beUse a moisturizing cream, selected by skin type, not having anti-acne or anti-comedonic functions. It is best to purchase soothing creams from special lines for supersensitive skin, which are released only in pharmacy chains. Such costs are not cheap, but they last long enough and they contribute to the early regeneration of the epidermis.

retinoic ointment from acne reviews

The course of treatment in detail from real users

In addition to the official instructions for useretinoic ointment from acne, there are still methods, derived from trial and error from real dermatological patients. The most successful of them helped to get rid of the unpleasant problem for many people suffering from acne or their consequences.

Below is a set of effective measures, it is proven to enhance the effect of the drug and to minimize the detrimental effects of its use:

  • Before the first time apply retinoic ointmentfrom acne, it is required to clear the pores. If required, you can perform a mechanical cleaning of the face at home or ask for a service in the beauty salon.
  • After cleansing (if it was aggressive), you should wait a day until the inflammation passes. After a usual peeling time can not stand.
  • Retinoic ointment is applied to the face pointwise, thengently kneaded with pads of fingers in the skin until completely absorbed. The recommended number of times is twice a day with an interval between application of at least 10 hours.

The results, which can be seen, respectively, reviews of ointments for acne "Retinoic":

  • From 1 to 8 applications - there is no noticeable improvement in the condition. In some cases there is an aggravation of the situation, however, it is not necessary to interrupt the course, except when there are painful sensations.
  • From 9 to 20 applications - increasessensitivity of the epidermis. Oily skin experiences this period more easily, but normal and dry can respond by increasing the detachment of dead skin scales of the epidermis, redness, soreness. It is allowed 2-3 hours after applying the ointment, rubbing the face with alcohol-free tonics or decoctions of medicinal herbs.
  • From 21 to 30 application - as a rule, during this period of time the most "persistent" pimples begin to disappear, the relief of the skin is smoothed and it looks shining and renewed.

If the situation has improved, but not enough toconsider the skin completely healed, after two weeks of continuous use go to a low ointment of aggressiveness (0.05%) and continue treatment for the same scheme for a week. In the last seven days, the instructions to the retinoic ointment for acne recommend a decrease in applications to 1 per day, then to 1 in two days.

retinoic ointment for acne instruction

Recommendations for skin care after treatment

A long time after the end of the course, the skinrequires increased measures to maintain water balance and protection against overdrying. Therefore, you should use the same gentle creams and tonics, as during the treatment period. Since the means for caring for sensitive skin are expensive, you can use these tips:

  • Every morning and evening, wipe your face with a cotton disc with a small amount of milk intended for the treatment of baby skin.
  • After gentle cleansing of the skin, apply a few drops of pure almond oil to the pads of your fingers and gently slap it into the skin of your face.

Only after these actions can you usedecorative cosmetics, if the procedure is like in the evening or go to bed, if everything occurs before going to bed. A mandatory condition - washing off make-up for the night, otherwise the comedones will appear again.


Retinoids are quite aggressive substances, so they can not be applied in all cases:

  • Do not apply to open wounds, ulcers, unhealed scratches or bruises.
  • Do not use the ointment before going out in the sun, before visiting the solarium, baths, saunas.
  • Do not let ointment contact the skin of children under three years old.

For women planning maternity or nursing a child, retinoids should be used with caution, since the effect of excess vitamin A on the proper development of the fetus has been proven.

retinoic ointment for acne pictures

Adverse Events

Before the fifth day of application of ointment side effectsinsignificant and expressed mainly in the form of dry skin. Beginning from the 6th-7th day of application, isotretinoin accumulates and the following negative appearances are possible:

  • Reinforced hyperhidrosis.
  • Increased exfoliation of the epidermis.
  • Irritation of lacrimal ducts, conjunctivitis.
  • Weakening of hearing and sight.
  • Dizziness, nausea.
  • Bleeding from the nose.

Since the duration of the course is indicated by strict limits up to four weeks, it is possible to apply the drug in several stages, through an interval equal to one course.

Compatibility with other drugs

When using an ointment is not recommendedin parallel, apply retinodes in the composition of any other drugs, because the accumulation of this substance in the body can lead to hypervitaminosis and cause a strong allergic reaction.

Categorically prohibited in conjunction with the use of ointment such substances:

  • Derivatives of tetracycline.
  • Progesterones in any form (hormonal contraceptives, etc.).

Avoid taking multivitamins, which emphasizes the presence of vitamin A as the leading element.

retinoic ointment application from acne


The appearance of acne is provokeddisorders of the gastrointestinal system, hormonal imbalance or resistance of the organism to an unfavorable ecological situation, and therefore there can be no unequivocal reaction to treatment by the same means. Judging by the majority of reviews about the retinoic ointment, the drug saves from subcutaneous acne by the third week from the beginning of use, but with comedones, especially old and deep, copes with difficulty.

Those rare patients who did not noticea significant reduction in the number of rashes, still recognize that after the first course of treatment, the general condition of the skin has improved - it becomes less rough, and acne no longer carries that inflamed character, as before. Many, noting the softening and soothing properties of the ointment, continued to use it for cosmetic purposes, applying several times a week as a moisturizing and nourishing cream before going to bed.

retinoic ointment for acne

Expert opinion

Dermatologists prescribe retinoic ointment asas a symptomatic treatment for identified diseases, and as an independent therapeutic tool aimed at eliminating the consequences of serious rashes, which caused a change in the relief of the skin. Experts note several main points that underlie the evidence base for the action of the ointment:

  • Colloid scars are less visible by 30%.
  • The formation of new acne is completely eliminated.
  • Subcutaneous pimples disappear in most cases during the first course and in more than 95% of cases - after three courses of application.

At the same time against the comedones the ointment showed itselfmediocrely. Sebaceous plugs, which lie deep in the epidermis, do not respond to retinoids and require a separate approach in the form of mechanical cleaning.

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