The drug "Acyclovir": reviews about the effectiveness of the fight with herpes

Herpes is unpleasant, and in some cases evena dangerous disease. It is said that the herpes virus lives in the body of every person in a state of tranquility. But under the influence of certain factors it can make itself felt by sores on the lips. And this, it should be noted, is the simplest form. Herpes can affect the genitals and the brain, where it can not be detected immediately. Herpes on the lips - a fairly common phenomenon. As a rule, it often occurs with a cold, but can be transmitted by airborne droplets from another person.

Herpes appears on the lips in the form of rashes of smallbubbles filled with liquid. Preceding this may be burning and redness, which many often do not pay attention. What to do if the herpes has made itself felt? One of the most effective remedies for its elimination is the drug Acyclovir. Reviews confirm its usefulness or refute? Let's try to figure it out.

The medicine "Acyclovir" from herpes

This antiviral agent, whose actionis aimed at fighting various types of herpes. It was developed by the end of the last century by Gertrude Elayon, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for this and other discoveries. Since then, it is the drug "Acyclovir", whose reviews we will discuss below, is considered the most effective tool in the fight against herpes.

Currently, the drug"Acyclovir" is available in forms such as tablets, ointment for eyes and external use, cream and injection solution. The use of one form or another depends on the localization of herpes and its stage. Meanwhile, for the treatment of herpes on the lips usually prescribed ointment or cream. Affected areas should be lubricated several times a day, and in order to increase the effect, the administration of the drug "Acyclovir" in tablets can be scheduled in parallel. Please note that use this tool should only be under the supervision of a doctor.

Well, now let's see what cantell us about the drug "Acyclovir" reviews of its tried. It is worth noting that the cost of the drug domestic production is negligible, a little more expensive will be imported. Whether there is a sense to overpay, also now we learn.

The drug "Acyclovir": reviews

If you often have to deal with herpeson the lips (or in the nasal sinuses), it is desirable to always have this medicine in your medicine cabinet. The reviews show that the most effective drug "Acyclovir" in the early stages of herpes manifestation, when the burning and redness begins. As a rule, after a couple of days, these symptoms pass. Lubrication also follows and already appeared bubbles, which contributes to their early disappearance.

In general, patients arethe drug "Acyclovir" (ointment). Reviews about it are only positive, because there are not even serious contraindications to its use. In doubt will be the use of ointment and any other form of the drug during pregnancy and lactation. Find another way to treat herpes will be and in the event that there is an increased sensitivity to the active substance of the drug.

It is worth paying attention to what is on saleyou can find not only the medicine "Acyclovir", but also its analogues: preparations "Zovirax", "Ciclovir", "Gerpevir", "Virolex" and more advanced "Acyclovir Acry." Reviews about these drugs are also mostly positive. This is not surprising, because, despite the different names, the active substance is acyclovir. But, in principle, patients' reviews indicate that there is no need to pursue expensive analogues, since the cheapest drug "Acyclovir" does its job well.

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