Resveratrol - what is it? Resveratrol: instructions for use, reviews

Recently, representatives of non-traditionalmedicine as a rejuvenating agent offer their patients the drug "Resveratrol". What it is? What is the composition of this tool? How does it affect the human body? More details about this read on!

Resveratrol - what is it?

resveratrol what is it
This substance belongs to the group of polyphenols. The latter play an antioxidant role in the body. They interfere with the development of so-called oxidative stress, during which the formation of free radicals, which destroy the cells of membranes. In addition, they are the main cause of aging and contribute to the onset of cancer. Antioxidants have a unique ability: they destroy the above radicals, thereby promoting the rejuvenation of the human body, including strengthening his health and prolonging youth.

Resveratrol - what is it? Experts note that a lot of research has been carried out with respect to the above substance. The results of their findings are the following conclusions of scientists:

  • this substance is highly effective in resisting cancer diseases;
  • it reliably performs the hepatoprotective function in the body;
  • Resveratrol reduces inflammation;
  • this substance helps to lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

So, resveratrol - what is it? This substance is a natural phytoalexin, which secrete some plants for protection against fungi, bacteria and parasites. Resveratrol is a biologically active supplement that perfectly performs the role of an antioxidant in the body. Representatives of alternative medicine argue that rejuvenation and weight loss are the main tasks of the above substance.

Resveratrol properties

Resveratrol in products
Scientists have performed many experiments on rats to learn in detail the abilities of this substance. Based on their results, experts argue that resveratrol has the following properties:

  • antineoplastic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antibacterial;
  • rejuvenating.

Where is the above substance?

Resveratrol is contained in
Specialists found that resveratrol is found in products such as:

  • Red wine;
  • peel of grapes;
  • cocoa beans;
  • peanut;
  • some berries.

Supporters of alternative medicine insist that resveratrol is contained in products and not only. A lot of this substance is in the bark of the pine.

pharmachologic effect

The drug "Resveratrol" instruction characterizes as an active biological additive.

resveratrol forte
Experts note that the above BAA has the following effect on the patient's body:

  • normalizes the level of lipids, including cholesterol in the blood;
  • is an antioxidant, therefore it helps to remove free radicals from the body;
  • inhibits the growth of cancer cells, that is, has an anti-cancer effect;
  • Helps reduce blood viscosity;
  • provides free blood flow in the vessels;
  • promotes the normal capacity of functional platelets;
  • maintains the elasticity of vascular cells;
  • has antibacterial effect;
  • produces anti-inflammatory effect;
  • realizes the process of recovery and growth stimulation of collagen fibers;
  • resumes the youth of tired skin;
  • prevents premature aging of the skin;
  • lowers blood sugar levels;
  • increases visual acuity;
  • improves the body's resistance to stressful situations;
  • has a beneficial effect on human memory.

One capsule of the drug "Resveratrol Forte" contains the following useful substances:

  • red wine extract;
  • resveratrol;
  • extract of green tea;
  • silica;
  • grape seed extract;
  • magnesium stearate.

The drug is available in cans, which contain 60 capsules. This dietary supplements is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.

In addition, as specialists note, resveratrolpromotes weight loss. Representatives of alternative medicine insist that this substance is struggling with excess kilograms and has the following effects on the body:

  • accelerates the exchange processes;
  • splits fats;
  • lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • inhibits the aging process.

Therefore, the above substance will not only helpprolong youth to a person, but also to fine-tune his figure. Just do not forget about proper nutrition and sport. Only a combination of these three components will help achieve the desired result. For example, the French all their life eat mostly fatty and heavy food, but they drink enough wine (red). This helps them to keep their shape in shape.

Indications for use of the drug "Resveratrol"

resveratrol instructions
Instruction for use advises to use the above substance to people with the following health problems:

  • hypertension, stroke, atherosclerosis, heart attack and other malfunctions in the cardiovascular system;
  • with radio and chemotherapy, for treatment and including prevention of oncology;
  • varicosity and thrombophlebitis;
  • Retinopathy in diabetes mellitus;
  • allergic reactions of different origin (including bronchial asthma).

Also, experts insist that using the above substance is necessary for the following medical purposes:

  • to improve microcirculation of blood in tissues and organs;
  • to increase stress resistance;
  • to eliminate the effects of stress.

In addition, for people who live in theecologically unfavorable territories, in conditions of radiation, as well as those who work in hazardous enterprises, the use of the drug "Resveratrol" will not be superfluous.

How to take the above remedy?

resveratrol instructions for use
These pills are taken orally. The drug "Resveratrol" instructions for use advises you to take one capsule per day.

It should be noted that the reception of this substance should be done during meals. The course of therapy is about 4 weeks.


Experts insist thatThe above drug does not contribute to the occurrence of side effects during its administration. The only contraindication is the intolerance of the individual components of the "Resveratrol".

But all the same before the beginning of the course of treatment it is very important to consult an experienced doctor about its use. It is not recommended to prescribe for yourself the above-mentioned drug.

Keep it at room temperature, but not above 25 degrees Celsius. The drug is 24 months from the date of its production.

Supplements "Resveratrol": reviews

resveratrol reviews
Satisfied consumers leave a lotpositive feedback about this drug. So, women claim that they took it as a rejuvenating agent. The result did not take long to wait: the skin began to look younger and fresh, its elasticity and elasticity increased. In addition, the skin became a pleasant shade, a noticeable blush appeared. Also, the skin began to less flake and crack.

Many patients noticed that they began to loseextra pounds during the taking of the drug "Resveratrol." Their testimonials confirm that, literally, for one course of admission, women regained their harmony and sufficiently corrected the figure.

Although there are negative reviews.But experts warn that to help the drug Resveratrol full people become slim, of course, can not, if you do not attend gyms and do not limit yourself to specific types of food. Also the above supplements will not return youth to elderly patients. The drug "Resveratrol", experts note, only slows down the aging process, and then in combination with a balanced diet, regular training. It is also very important to avoid stressful situations. Therefore, to hope for him as an elixir of eternal youth and beauty is not necessary.

The drug "Resveratrol" - an excellent tool for maintaining health and beauty. Take it strictly according to the instructions and only after consulting with an experienced specialist.

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