"Jermuk" - water that brings health

Still our distant ancestors understood the benefit andthe effectiveness of water that nature has given us. In the 19th century, it was very fashionable in Russia to travel to Europe, and later to the Caucasus, for treatment with mineral waters. Their use for health truly was and remains indispensable.

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Mineral water contains a huge amountuseful vitamins and minerals. They improve the work of the internal organs of man, help to solve problems associated with the digestive tract, stomach, liver. But do not treat mineral water as usual and drink it any and in any quantities, this can cause irreparable harm to your health.

It must be understood that not all mineral waters are carriedbenefit the health of a particular person. In one water, a large amount of sodium, in the other - calcium, in the third - magnesium. Before choosing this or that, especially for people with chronic diseases, you need to carefully study all the information on this issue. "Jermuk" - mineral water, which is useful not only for children, but also for adults.

History of discovery

On the territory of Armenia there is a resort cityJermuk. The name translates as "hot spring". This land is truly rich in mineral springs, there are more than 40 of them. They gave the name of the area.

Since ancient times, a huge number of people,overcoming the high mountains and impassable ravines, they reached the hot springs that were beating from the earth itself. Took baths, used for food. Those who got here told how surprisingly Armenian water "Jermuk" operated on their body. Diseases, from which there was no escape for years, suddenly disappeared as if by magic.

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The first official information on water, whichheals, appeared in the XIII century. But only in 1935 there was founded a resort on which sanatoriums were opened. In the Soviet era, getting a ticket to the sanatorium of Jermuk was very problematic. Today, to try the mineral water, it is not necessary to go to Armenia. A factory for the production of mineral water has been built in the city. During the year, about 50 million bottles of water "Jermuk" spread all over the world.


One of the best mineral waters in the world is"Jermuk". The water is so good that it is drunk in the Kremlin and many other government institutions in Russia. Why? It consists of rare trace elements, which are not found in many other mineral waters, and if there are, then not in such quantities. Daily use replenishes the daily requirement of the human body for mineral substances.

Water is poured almost at the source, and it does not lose its natural properties, being an environmentally friendly product.

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But the most important advantage of this water -balance of quality and taste. It is pleasant to drink even warm. "Jermuk" is water, the only one in Armenia that has a certificate of conformity issued in the EU.

Terms of Use

Water can not only be drunk, but also used for inhalation, bathing, various medical procedures for face and body care. Many diseases can be treated with mineral water "Jermuk".

Diseases of the digestive system, liver, metabolismsubstances, and the nervous system have long been successfully treated with this water. In diseases associated with the motor apparatus and the gynecological sphere, baths have proved to be very good.

Problems with alcohol can also be solved by changing one (hot) drink to another, which, unlike alcohol, gives vivacity for a long time.

Of course, in each specific case it is necessarymedical consultation. But if you do not have chronic diseases, then you can safely take one glass a day of this curative, amazing water.

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"Jermuk" - water, which because of the largethe amount of mineral substances is contraindicated for people with diseases of the urinary tract. But in some cases, after a preliminary consultation with the attending physician, reception of it is possible.

With great care, water should be consumed by people suffering from urolithiasis.


The Russian scientist Voskoboinikov, whomid-19th century explored this area and first wrote about the benefits of water, noted that life expectancy here is much longer, compared with other places of the Russian Empire.

A real gift from heaven is Jermuk water. Many people's opinions convince us of this.

The owner of a private European clinic doctorBernstein recommends to his clients to go to Armenia to improve their health and enjoy the clean air of the local sanatoria. "Jermuk" - water, which has excellent, unique taste, not only gives health, but also joy.

Many consumers, once having tried the water "Jermuk", say that it is mild in taste and well quenches thirst. Even small children drink it, usually refusing any mineral water.

Choosing the mineral water "Jermuk", you choose vivacity and longevity!

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