The application of "Mirolyut": testimonials and results. Description of the preparation and analogues. "Mirolut" (tablets): instruction for use

The main task of the female body isnurturing and giving birth to children. Unfortunately, pregnancy is not always welcome. In some cases, women can not or do not want to give birth to a child. Then the newest developments of pharmacists in gynecology for the interruption of this condition come to their aid. In the article we will talk about the Mirolyut preparation. Reviews this tool in most cases has positive. However, there are also such representatives of the weaker sex who remained dissatisfied with the effect of the medicine.

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The composition of the drug and its effect on the body

The main active substance of the drug is misoprostol. Apart from this, the tablets contain aerosil, sodium starch glycolate and magnesium sterate.

The agent has the ability to call genericactivity and influence the cervix in women. Getting into the body, the drug is quickly absorbed and begins to act after 30-60 minutes. First, there are light contractions of the uterus, which gradually gain strength. Also, the drug can affect the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the woman observes mild nausea.

When is the remedy applied?

Since the "Mirolyut" reviews mostlypositive, it is often prescribed for the interruption of unwanted pregnancy. Also, the drug can be used to activate labor. It is worth noting that in this case the woman should not breast-feed for a certain time.

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Mirolut: instruction

Reviews this medicine has a positive due to its effectiveness. However, to obtain the result, you must follow the instructions. How do they use the tool "Mirolyut"?

For termination of pregnancy

The agent is prescribed together with the drug,containing mifepristone. It is worth noting that such correction should be carried out exclusively within the walls of the hospital. Physicians categorically prohibit the use of drugs themselves. Otherwise, a serious complication may arise that requires surgical intervention.

Two tablets of the Mirolyut drug should be taken after using Mifepristone. At the same time, the difference in time between reception of funds should be 1.5-2 days.

To call up labor

The tablets "Mifepristone" and"Mirolut" reviews the doctors have the following. Doctors try not to prescribe a remedy, but use alternative methods to prepare a woman for childbirth. The instruction for use says that the tablets can be used for this purpose.

In this case, the dose will be as follows. In the first day you need to take one capsule under the supervision of a doctor. After 24 hours, the medication is repeated.

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Can everyone use the tool?

Like any medicine, it cancause a negative reaction. The most common side effects are the following: nausea, vomiting, bloating, pain in the lower part of the peritoneum and lower back.

Rarely, pain in the head, changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and confusion may occur. It is worth noting that this reaction is most often caused by an overdose of the drug.

To refuse this medicine costs in the following cases:

  • if there are diseases of the heart or blood vessels;
  • with renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • when there are diseases associated with the dependence on prostaglandins;
  • if there is a suspicion of ectopic pregnancy;
  • when the embryo development period is more than two months (for abortion).

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Do the drugs have analogues?

There are many similar drugs in their action. However, among the absolute analogues can be identified the following: tablets "Saitotec" and capsules "Mifepristone".

These drugs not only have the same effect on the female body, but also have a similar composition.

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Results after drug use

As you already know, the drug "Mirolut" reviewshas positive. All thanks to its effectiveness. What happens after taking the medicine? The result directly depends on the purpose for which the capsules are applied.

For termination of pregnancy

If you simultaneously use the drugMiropriston and Mirolut, the feedback and results will be only positive. First, the first drug has a hormonal effect on the body. Progesterone production is blocked and exfoliation of membranes begins.

Further, after the adoption of the second drug, an active contraction of the uterine muscle begins. As a result, bleeding develops, and the fetal egg leaves the female body with the endometrium.

For labor

The Mirolute drug used in this fieldreviews are positive. After taking the first dose, a woman can note slight nausea and sipping sensations in the lower abdomen. If you use a second dose of medicine, the cervix begins to loosen and open gradually. All this can be accompanied by a pulling sensation in the lower back.

As a result of this correction, labor begins on its own or with the help of medical intervention. However, the cervical canal becomes absolutely ready for the appearance of the baby.

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Tablets "Mirolut": reviews

As already mentioned above, the tool in the largerdegree has positive feedback. More than half of the women who used this drug achieved the desired result. Those representatives of the weaker sex who expressed their negative opinion, used the medicine in violation of the instructions. Let's consider in detail, what the preparation "Miroljut" receives from women.

Rapid action of the agent

Many patients ask the doctor:"The drug" Mirolut "through how much it works?" The comments of the doctors say the following. The agent, getting into the stomach of the patient, is immediately absorbed into the blood. The composition passes through the liver and begins its action.

After 15-30 minutes a woman can feeleffect of the use of the formulation. It manifests itself in the form of bloody discharge and frequent contractions of the genital organ. Women say that the drug quickly leads to an arbitrary miscarriage. More than half of the patients have the opportunity to get rid of pregnancy already in the first day after using the tablets. The rest have the abortive effect in the next 7 days.

Ease of use and no consequences

The drug "Mirolut" reviews womenpositive because of the ease of use. Representatives of the weaker sex note that with this termination of pregnancy there are no consequences that often occur after scraping or vacuum aspiration.

Also, patients note the ease of use.There is no need to apply general anesthesia and undergo surgery. It is enough just to drink a few pills, and rejection of the fetal egg will happen on its own.

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Negative opinions about the medicine

The drug "Mirolut" reviews women has andnegative. In most cases, they are related to the fact that the remedy has not had any effect. So, the fairer sex says that the drug was taken in the right dosage, but the pregnancy continued to progress. The reason for this may be a too long period or lack of prior use of Mifepristone.

Also, negative feedback is expressed bynewly mummies. They say that the drug did its job, but deprived them of the possibility of breastfeeding the baby naturally. That is why doctors are trying not to use this tool to call up labor. The instruction strictly specifies that after reception of a preparation it is necessary to stop thoracal feeding for 7 days.

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Summing up and a small conclusion

Now you know how to usepreparation "Mirolut". You also learned how women and doctors react to this medicine. It is worth recalling that before using such serious hormones, you should carefully read the instructions. Also, do not use tablets alone. If complications arise, you will need emergency medical care, the absence of which can lead to serious consequences.

Use the "Mirolyut" tool correctly and under the close scrutiny of the doctor, and better apply timely contraception and do not end up in an unpleasant situation. Be healthy!

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