Why some people do not get sick twice: developing immunity, vaccinating

Why some diseases a person is not sicktwice? All due to the fact that he is developing immunity for a particular disease. There are not many such ailments. To protect the body from infection, vaccination is done.

A list of diseases that do not manifest themselves twice

There are such pathologies that a person is ill with only once in a lifetime:

  • black pox;
  • parotitis;
  • rubella;
  • chickenpox;
  • measles;
  • encephalitis and others.
    why some people do not get sick twice

How to protect against such diseases?

Many are concerned about why somethe person does not get sick twice, whether it is possible to protect himself from infection by them. Doctors singled out a few rules. If you adhere to them, it is believed that the risk of contracting diseases decreases. Among them are the following:

  1. It is required to ventilate the bedroom, as a person must breathe fresh air.
  2. You need to wash your hands, especially after coughing, transport, toilet.
  3. You should play sports.
  4. It is required to do the vaccination. It acts as a preventive measure against infection.
  5. It is necessary to strengthen immunity, use vitamins, eat right.
  6. In time, consult a doctor if the condition worsens.

The appearance of immunity after a disease

On the question of why some diseasesthe person is not sick twice, there is a simple answer: after the transferred pathology in the body, immunity is produced. The microorganism that provokes the disease has a unique antigen. Antibodies have the ability to recognize it. Cells, first encountering microbes, determine the antigens, and then produce antibodies against them.

Therefore, in case of infection with a virus, for example,chickenpox, the body begins the process of producing antibodies that can fight microbes. Subsequently, some antibodies will be lost, but they will leave in the cells memory, which will ensure a lifelong immunity to the pathology. In this case, chickenpox.

immunity to measles

If a person is repeatedly infected with viruses,cells kill them, so the disease does not develop. Such memory should last a lifetime, but sometimes the work of the immune system is disrupted. In this case, a person is able to re-infect a disease. Especially often this is observed in:

  • those people who suffer from immunodeficiency;
  • who underwent organ transplantation, while immunity usually noticeably decreases;
  • who survived severe stress.


There is a special scheme for vaccinating children,so that the child should be healthy. But at birth he already has immunity to certain diseases, since antibodies were transmitted to him from his mother. Such immunity persists for a short time, has a temporary nature.

Vaccination is a special vaccination thatcreates artificial immunity. Apply in this case, harmless antigens - part of the microorganism, which provokes pathology. That's why some people do not get sick twice. He has lifelong immunity.

Measles vaccine

Measles is a very contagious disease. If a person contacts a patient, the likelihood that he will get sick is 98%. This will happen, of course, if he has not developed immunity to measles. It can be created artificially, vaccination is done for this. The vaccine is prepared from living measles viruses, which are already slightly weakened. Enter it under the skin in the area of ​​the shoulder or shoulder blade.

chickenpox immunity
There are mandatory rules that state that every child who is sent to a kindergarten must undergo such a vaccination according to a certain plan.

Vaccine against chickenpox

Chickenpox is chicken pox. To protect a person from getting infected with this pathology, vaccination is also carried out. It is very similar to the measles vaccine. In this case, the chickenpox virus is used in a weakened form. Doctors recommend that such vaccinations be given to all children aged 12 months. After some time, a child who has not yet had chickenpox must undergo a second procedure. It should be conducted at the age of 4 to 6 years.

When such a vaccine is introduced into the body,the immune system begins to react. Subsequently, the virus is destroyed, but proteins are produced that can fight the virus in the future. These are antibodies that do not disappear from the body, creating protection from disease. Thus, a person has immunity to chickenpox.

Because of this, doctors strongly recommendTo carry out similar procedures to children two times. But adults who were not affected by this virus and did not do the vaccination should also receive 2 doses in order to develop immunity.

Sometimes a child may have a reaction to a vaccine. This happens in cases when he has experienced other serious illnesses. Therefore, you should consult a doctor beforehand.

vaccination scheme for children
Very rarely a person is still able to get infecteda similar disease if he has been vaccinated. Even more rare are cases when the infection occurred a second time. But most often the pathology does not appear with such obvious symptoms. In medicine, this phenomenon is called a "breakthrough infection." But in most cases, such a person does not get sick twice.

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