"Diclutol": instructions for use, analog tablets, reviews

Joint ailments are now getting younger. They can suffer people under 35 and after. In many cases, the sick do not rush to the examination to the doctor, feeling the passing periodic pain in the knee, elbows, lower back, neck, and allow the inflammatory processes to progress.

The essence of joint pain

Statistics show that more thanThirty percent of the world's population is diagnosed with joint ailments. Some of them can be recognized at the first stages of development, and some have an insidious inconsistent manifestation, which does not allow the timely suspension of inflammatory processes. In each specific case, a person feels individual pain - short-term, long-lasting, intense, weak, at a particular site or spreading throughout the body.

Whatever the pain, it affectsa decrease in the quality of life indicator, often leads even to a loss of ability to work. Many people, not having certain knowledge, believe that joint pain causes only arthritis. But it is not so. They can be a consequence of incorrect metabolic processes, tumors of varying complexity, infectious infections, as well as endocrine and rheumatic diagnoses. Painful articular symptoms (arthralgia) require the diagnosis of specialists and identify the exact cause that causes discomfort.

diclitol instruction manual for tablets

Painful sensations of varying degrees annoyman, when the nerve endings of the articular bag are irritated. This physiological process can trigger toxins, allergens, deposited salts, osteophytes. Developing arthralgia can be an independent diagnosis or one of the signs of the development of serious diseases, so without a survey it is very difficult to judge what is happening in the human body and causes pain.

The causes of pain in the joints

Arthralgia manifests itself in arthritis (rheumatoid,(bovine, traumatic, diathesis, brucellosis, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilitic), childhood diseases (Kawasaki syndrome, Still's disease), systemic ailments (lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, sarcoidosis, vasculitis), and also with lymphoblastic leukemia, bone metastases, osteomyelitis, myeloma.

One of these diagnoses can progress in the human body if periodic or intense persistent pain begins to be aggravated.

Diagnosis of pain in the joints

It is still necessary to diagnose the organism for one of the aforementioned ailments. What methods are applicable in the process of medical research?

The main ones are listed below:

  • clinical blood test;
  • immunological studies;
  • inhibition of migration of leukocytes;
  • delivery of blood to the HLA system;
  • investigation of synovial fluid;
  • studies on immunoelectrophoresis;
  • X-rays of the joints;
  • tomographic studies;
  • myelography;
  • intraosseous phlebography;
  • arthroscopy;
  • discography;
  • radionuclide scanning;
  • arthrography;
  • biopsy of the synovium.

As you can see, superficial treatment of joint diseases is impossible. Every minute, accompanied by pain, should encourage a person to promptly find out the cause of such feelings.

Treatment of pain syndromes

Self-assignment of various methodstreatment of joint pain is inappropriate and can damage health. Often, in order to calm the pain, people try to try out various targeted drugs. However, it should be understood that the oppression of pain is only a temporary relief of the patient's condition, while the pathological focus is growing. Painkillers are prescribed in conjunction with the main therapy, aimed specifically at the causes of poor health, and not just to relieve the symptoms.

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Naturally, if the pain annoys, take a pill to remove it once you can, but this phenomenon should not be some kind of dependence.

Most often doctors are recommended for the oppression of paintake non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Most recently, a new drug "Diclotol" (tablets), belonging to this pharmaceutical group of medical products, appeared on the shelves of pharmacies. Next, we will consider how effective the drug, its properties, instructions, analogues, as well as reviews of specialists and people taking this drug from joint pain.

Non-steroidal drug "Diclutol"

Medicines today are of high quality andcause a minimum of side effects, so so often people tend to learn about new tools more than written in a brief, sometimes incomprehensible to non-professionals instructions. The non-steroid group of medicines is aimed at removing pain and inhibiting the inflammatory processes triggered by the body.

Tablets "Diclutol" - a modern drug, which is also characterized by these properties of influence on the human body through a mechanism for inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins.

Let's look at how the instruction describes the drug "Diclutol" (tablets). What exactly helps this tool? Below is a detailed scheme of the effect of the drug on pain sensations.

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacological properties of the drug

The main active ingredient isaceclofenac. How does the drug "Diclutol" (tablets)? The instruction tells that it is perfectly absorbed when taken orally. The maximum concentration of aceclofenac in the blood is reached after two to three hours, whereas its effect begins after fifteen minutes from the time of admission.

How to use the drug "Diclutol" (tablets)? The instruction recommends taking it with water, an hour before meals, because simultaneous intake with food slows down the process of anesthesia, and this does not affect suction. Aceclofenac enters the synovial fluid of the joints through the circulatory system and concentrates in it at the maximum dose of 60%. Thanks to the property of communication with blood proteins, the drug has the ability to penetrate into the deepest bone tissue.

diclotol tablets instructions

How long does the Diclotol drug work? Instructions for use suggest that aceclofenac is excreted from the body four hours after ingestion. Most of it comes out with urine. If the drug is taken by people with liver disease, then the process of excretion of the active substance slows down, but this does not mean that they can not treat the pain and inflammation of the joints.

Appointment of the drug

The "Diclutol" remedy is recommended for use with the following diagnoses:

  • osteoarthritis;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • humeroscapular periarthritis;
  • extraarticular rheumatism.

The drug affects the patient's body symptomatically, that is, it depresses intense pain. Currently, this medicine is widely used in dentistry as an analgesic for toothache and dysmenorrhea.

The drug "Diclutol" (pills) instruction onIt is rarely recommended to use it when used alone. Thus, possible side effects can be minimized. If the medicine is prescribed by a doctor, you should follow a certain dosage without changing it. Adults are recommended to take the drug twice a day - a pill in the morning and a pill in the evening (two hundred mg per day). Patients with liver disease dose is reduced in half, to 100 mg per day. Elderly people do not adjust the daily intake dose. Caution is prescribed to patients with varying degrees of renal failure.


The drug "Diclotol" does not recommend the use of the following diagnoses:

  • intolerance to aceclofenac, expressed as an allergic reaction in the form of redness, itching, rash, rinitis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • diseases of the duodenum;
  • bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • heart failure.

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Admission of an anesthetic for these ailments can be detrimental to the body of a person who feels joint pain.

Side effects

Despite its effectiveness, this medicinecan adversely affect the state of health, as also refers to the drug "Diclotol" instructions for use. Tablets should be taken in a specified dose.

Here is a list of those side effects caused by aceclofenac:

  • anemia;
  • anaphylactic reactions;
  • hyperkalemia;
  • depressive conditions;
  • insomnia;
  • headaches, dizziness;
  • weakness in the legs;
  • drowsiness, depression;
  • dyspnea;
  • swelling of the body;
  • tremor;
  • increase in body weight.

As you can see, an independent permanent receptionthis anesthetic is not so safe for health. So, if the first alarm call indicates pain in the joints, you should first get a doctor's consultation about the use of this medication.

You can not take several equalanalgesics, which in their composition contain acetylsalicylic acid, as also refers to the drug "Diclotol" instructions for use. Tablets with caution are taken with other medications.

Here is a list for which you need to pay special attention:

  • simultaneous reception of antihypertensive drugs with tablets "Diclotol" reduces their effectiveness in the direction of reducing pressure;
  • diuretics lose the ability to accelerate the diuretic process;
  • cardiac glycosides, taken with tablets "Diclotol", can aggravate the diagnosis of heart failure;
  • Cyclosporine and the drug "Diclutol" can cause nephrotoxicity;
  • corticosteroids paired with aceclofenac increase the risk of stomach ulcers and the opening of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • antibiotics and tablets "Diclutol" can cause seizures;
  • Zidovudine and aceclofenac cause the formation of severe hematomas;
  • antidiabetic drugs, along with analgesic tablets, lose the ability to lower blood sugar levels.

diclitol tablets

What is said about the overdoses of the drug "Diclutol"instructions for use? Tablets taken without observing established norms can cause vomiting, convulsions, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, fainting, excessive drowsiness, respiratory system disorders, disorientation.

Analgesia analgesic drug

Doctors, guided by all the provisions thatincludes a "Diclotol" preparation instruction for use, replacement tablets are selected only for patients who are not suitable for this treatment. It can be synonyms, and analog tablets, selected according to pharmacological criteria.

If you characterize the properties that are inherent"Diclotol" (tablets), instruction, reviews of doctors and patients confirm their effectiveness with regard to pain relief and inflammation removal. The identical mechanism of influence on pain sensations has synonymous drugs, also including aceclofenac. Picking up the tablet-analogues to the drug "Diclotol", you can focus on the means of "Aeralt" and "Zerodol." They are very well received by doctors and sick people.

If you select an analogue for pharmacology, whichpoints to the drug "Diclotol" instructions for use, tablets "Voltaren" are the most preferred for replacement. The active substance of these - diclofenac, which also has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect against joint diseases.

diclatol tablets

Also repeats all the pharmacology, which refers to the drug "Diclutol" (tablets) instructions for use, analog "Diclobru". Its active substance is also diclofenac.

Tablets "Ibuprofen" are also familiar to many in their properties to oppress pain syndromes and sensations, and joints are no exception. The active substance is ibuprofen.

A huge number of pain medicationdrugs does not talk about the moment that they can be taken without the appointment of a doctor. And this rule should be observed even when medicines are sold in pharmacies without the doctor's prescription.

Visiting the topic of joint pain, the readerit becomes clear that the first pain syndromes in the joints can be removed both with the help of tablets "Diclutol", and through other similar drugs. But the symptomatic effect does not guarantee a hundred percent treatment of the inflammation focus and pain sensations. Therefore, do not treat anesthetics as a magic pill against all ailments. Their reception should be temporary, not permanent.

What they say about the drug "Diclutol" (tablets)reviews of medical luminaries? They confirm the effectiveness of this drug in relieving pain, but do not prescribe it too often, as many patients complain of the side effects. Especially often, people call weakness in the legs, which become wadded, and drowsiness, which brings discomfort into a full-fledged life.

Many people say that pain can not go away at all,while the medicine works, and become less pronounced. Nevertheless, people use the drug actively, especially in situations when the usual medication does not help to take control of pain.

To say that the medicine is safe forhealth of people, it is impossible, studying the regulations that illuminates the drug "Diclutol" (tablets) instruction. The doctors' comments especially focus on a large list of side effects. Therefore, it is important to take this medicine under the supervision of a doctor. And even better - to pass the diagnosis of the body and find out the cause of the pain syndromes, and then weigh all the pros and cons of taking Diclutol tablets.

diclotol tablets instructions for use

Many painkillers have a propertycause addiction to the body. For this drug, this is not seen, so many choose it. It costs from 200 to 500 rubles per package of pills, depending on the number of tablets in the blister - 10, 28, 30 and 100 pcs.

The drug is of Indian origin, soMany who have not yet tested its effective action in practice, there can be a doubt about its quality. Each individual medicine individually affects the foci of human diseases, so to say unequivocally that "Diclutol" tablets help everyone without exception is inappropriate. If you do not know which anesthetic drug to choose, do not self-medicate. Give your health a little attention, go through the examination and treat not pain, but the causes that cause it.

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