How and what to treat a furuncle at home

The question of how to get rid of a boila considerable number of people. In fact, before you determine the method of treatment, you should know that squeezing chiri can not. Especially this caution is topical in relation to the furuncles that have arisen on the head and face.

You also need to know that furunculosis canis a manifestation of certain internal pathologies. Therefore, determining what to treat a boil, you should take care not only of the external effect on the disease, but also on internal causes. Everyone knows that you need to treat not the consequence, but the cause of the disease. In this case, since the furuncles themselves cause anxiety and inconvenience, the treatment can be combined. In particular, it is necessary to increase the protective functions of the body, to purify the blood.

Than to treat a furuncle? In the clinic, according to the doctor's prescription, a blood transfusion course can be conducted. In this case, the patient takes venous blood and is injected intramuscularly. In this case, a certain scheme is applied. Initially, 1ml of blood is poured and gradually brought to 10ml, and then the procedure is performed in the reverse order.

In parallel, the impact onfuruncle. Than to treat a furuncle still, if to squeeze out it or him it is impossible? And it is forbidden for the reason that the infection should not penetrate deep into your body. The simplest method of treatment is applying Vishnevsky ointment to the boil. Inside at the same time an antibiotic is taken, for example, tetracycline, ampicillin and others. Such treatment is in most cases effective, the ointment for a few days draws out all pus and roots.

Thus, the treatment of furuncles inchildren. Methods of therapy of this disease in general there are many, including folk. For example, a good effect can be achieved with a conventional plantain leaf. Slightly kneading, it should be bandaged or attached to the affected area of ​​the child's body with a gauze tampon and adhesive plaster.

An excellent folk remedy, through whichit is possible to carry out the treatment of furuncles in children and adults, is aloe. The leaf of this plant should be cut along, and then attached to the boil in the manner described above. In general, self-medication is best not to deal with, because surgeons claim that the boil is not at all safe.

This pathology is an acute purulent inflammation. Inflammation of the hair follicle (follicle), as well as tissue surrounding it. Called furuncle (boil), mainly staphylococcus and other pyogenic bacteria. They arise only where the hair grows, than they differ from other skin inflammations. Usually it all starts with the appearance of itching, after which pain appears. In the area of ​​the hair sac, there is also swelling and redness, and subsequently there is an inflamed nodule. It has a rounded shape and gradually increases in size.

About three, four days laterformation of a necrotic stem. There may be weakness, malaise, fever, painful condition. With the frequent occurrence of boils, and more than one, this process is called furunculosis.

By the way, when contacting a doctor, ask himabout the above-described method of autohemotherapy, in which the venous blood is introduced according to the scheme in the buttock. This method is very good, because it stimulates the protective functions of the body. Inside you can still take brewer's yeast, multivitamins, which are also a good preventive tool for the development of furunculosis in children and adults.

Than to treat a furuncle of the house, what there are for this purpose folk remedies? They are many, but some, attributed to the Bulgarian healer Vange, I can offer you:

- half of the baked bulb is tied to a sore spot. It should be changed every three hours;

- grated on a grater raw onion mixed with milk for cooking gruel. The obtained substance is applied to the furuncle, carbuncle, causing its early maturation;

- boiled in milk onions can be used for abscesses, boils as a compress.

It is very useful to take a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach. I wish you health!

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