"Neomycin": instructions for use, description, reviews, price

How to use the medicine"Neomycin"? Instructions for the use of this tool will be presented below. Also in the materials of this article you can find information about when this medication is prescribed to patients, whether it has side effects and contraindications.

neomycin instructions for use

Composition, description and form of the medicine

Do you know about the form in which they producedrug "Neomycin"? The instructions for use contain information that the medicine in question can be purchased in the form of an aerosol for external use, as well as in the form of tablets. However, the latter form is currently used mainly in veterinary medicine.

The drug is delivered to pharmacies in the form of a homogeneousWhite or almost white suspension with a characteristic odor. Its active element is neomycin sulfate. Also, the drug includes in its composition and additional substances such as sorbitan trioleate, isopropyl myristate, lecithin and propellant.

neomycin sulfate

Medication Packaging

The drug "Neomycin sulfate" is contained in aerosol cans. For convenient use, the tank was equipped with a valve and a special spray device.


What pharmacological properties doesdrug "Neomycin"? The instruction for use states that this is an aminoglycoside agent. After its use in the human body, protein synthesis is disrupted. As a result of this influence, the formation of a complex of matrix and transport RNA is suppressed.

At lower concentrations, the drug is capable ofhave a bacteriostatic effect. This is due to a violation of protein synthesis in microbial cells. As for high concentrations, the medicament acts as a bactericidal agent.

Stability of microorganisms to the drug under consideration develops very slowly and to a small extent.

Aerosol for external use quite effectively inhibits the development of bacteria in the foci of inflammation of the skin. In addition, such a preparation has a cooling and drying effect.

Pharmacokinetic properties

Is there an absorption of the external preparation"Neomycin"? Instructions for use inform you that after applying the medicament to the undamaged surface of the skin, it acts only locally and is not practically absorbed into the bloodstream. If spray aerosol over the damaged area of ​​the skin, the drug can be absorbed into the blood, and then have a systemic effect.


When should I prescribe the local antibiotic "Neomycin Sulfate"? The price, description, testimonials, indications and methods of using this tool will be presented in this article.

So, according to the attached instructions, the medication in question is prescribed for the following pathologies:

  • with infected burns and frostbites of the 1 st and 2 nd degree;
  • with diseases (inflammatory and infectious nature) of the skin that were caused by neomycin-sensitive bacteria (including with contagious impetigo and furunculosis).
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Do you know about the cases when you can not use neomycin aerosol? Description of the drug and its instructions contain information about the following contraindications to the application:

  • childhood;
  • hypersensitivity to neomycin, as well as other substances that are part of the drug;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin, moss in the place of application of the remedy, extensive lesion area, trophic ulcers;
  • simultaneous use with other nephro- and ototoxic drugs.

Neomycin aerosol: instructions for use

The price of the funds in question is not very high. That is why most patients choose among many other drugs this drug. It should only be used externally. Before each application, the aerosol canister should be shaken several times.

Affected areas of the skin are irrigateddrug for 3-6 seconds. In this case, the bottle should be kept only in a vertical position at a distance of about 15-17 centimeters from the surface of the body.

The described procedure is carried out three times a day at the same time intervals. As a rule, the drug is used for 7-10 days.


What are the symptoms of overdose?misuse of Neomycin Sulfate aerosol? Experts talk about the following symptoms: itching, flushing, rash, nephrotoxicity, edema and ototoxicity.

In case of an overdose, use of the medication should be discontinued. Symptomatic therapy is also required.

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Drug Interactions

With which drugs is not recommendedat the same time use a medication such as "Neomycin Sulfate"? The aerosol application instruction informs patients that its active substance may be toxic when using nephro- and ototoxic agents (including with simultaneous use with ethacrynic acid, Gentamycin and Kolystin). Therefore, in order to avoid possible interactions with neomycin, use of other medications is recommended only after consultation with the doctor.

Lactation and the period of gestation

Can pregnant women useIs this agent for external use? During gestation, Neomycin aerosol can be sprayed onto intact skin only after an objective assessment of the benefit for the mother and the risk to the baby.

If the antibacterial agent should be used during breastfeeding, then experts recommend immediately stop lactation.

neomycin sulfate user guide

Adverse Events

As a rule, the external preparation "Neomycin"is tolerated very well by patients. However, there are also cases when the drug in question causes the following allergic reactions: flushing, itching, puffiness and rash. Moreover, prolonged use of the drug can easily cause contact allergies.

With aggravation of the described side effects, as well as the occurrence of other body reactions not listed in the instructions, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Specific guidance on the use of aerosol

Before assigning the local medication to the patient, the patient should be informed of the characteristics of the bactericidal agent.

Medication should be avoided withmucous membranes, as well as protect the eyes from the effects of aerosol. In case of contact with the mucous membranes or in the eyes, they must be thoroughly rinsed with cool water.

It is highly recommended not to inhale the sprayed medication!

Do not apply to large surfacesskin, especially on its damaged areas. It is forbidden to impose an occlusive dressing soaked in the drug "Neomycin" because of the possible absorption of the active substance in the blood and the appearance of undesirable effects.

In case of irritation of the skin at the site of application, discontinue use of the drug.

Long use of the drug may lead to the growth of resistant strains of fungi and bacteria.

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The contents of the aerosol canister arehigh pressure. Therefore, it can not be heated, struck and opened. Empty container should be discarded. The drug is highly flammable. Therefore, it must not be sprayed near a fire and any existing heating devices.

The drug "Neomycin": reviews, analogues and cost

How much is a 16 gram aerosol canpreparation "Neomycin"? In the pharmacy it can be purchased for 290 Russian rubles. If it is impossible to use a local remedy, it can be replaced with other forms of antibiotic drugs. Such medicines include the following: Amicacin, Tobi Podhaler, Amikacin-Vial, Amikabol, Amikacin-Ferein, Amikin, Bramitob, Florimycin Sulfate, Brulamycin, Tobramycin -Gobby, Vero-Netilmitsin, Tevomycin, Gentamicin, Tobi, Gentamicin-K, Sizomycin Sulfate, Gentamicin-Ferein, Sizomycin Sulfate, Kanamycin, Selemicin "," Kanamycin-CMS "," Netromycin "," Kanamycin monosulfate "and others.


With regard to reviews, most patientsnote the high effectiveness of Nezomycin aerosol. According to them, this drug quite quickly heals infected burns and frostbites, as well as other diseases (inflammatory and infectious nature) of the skin.

However, there is also a category of patients,which asserts that the agent under consideration causes unpleasant phenomena in the form of skin hyperemia, itching, swelling and rash at the application site. In this case, doctors recommend stopping the use of aerosol.

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