Ejaculation in a dream: what to do?

As a rule, ejaculation in a dream, or inmedicine literally from lat. Pollution (pollution - blaming), occurs involuntarily, in a natural way in all teenagers. Beginning from the age of 12-13 years, together with pleasant dreams, an eruption of seminal fluid takes place. Why? During puberty, the seminal vesicles periodically overflow, which causes irritation of the nerve endings, and this signal enters the cerebral cortex. The teenager dreams of an erotic dream, which he can not even remember the next morning. At this time, the penis erodes and, regardless of the will of the person, the muscles of the prostate and the overflowing seminal vesicles shrink. There is an evacuation of seminal fluid along with a sense of orgasm. With a sense of relief and the satisfaction that has come, the teenager falls asleep.

This harmless physiological phenomenon -ejaculation in a dream, continues in adolescence, as long as a young man does not begin a regular sexual life. If at some stage, at a young or middle age, a man is forced to abstain from sexual activity for a long time, then to prevent the development of stagnant phenomena in the vas deferens, his sexual organs periodically produce pollutions. It also helps not to overload the blood with excess sex hormones.

If in adolescence and adolescencespecialists consider the frequency of pollutions to be the norm once in seven days, in adult men they can occur no more often than once or twice a month. Physiological ejaculation in a dream does not create any painful sensations and negative consequences. When restoring regular sexual relations, the need for spontaneous release from the seminal fluid disappears by itself.

If ejaculation in a dream occurs moreoften appears in men who regularly have sex life or are accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations, then we are talking about various diseases of the genitals or problems with the central nervous system. It is accompanied by feelings of fatigue, lethargy, weakness, headaches and violation of sexual functions. It often occurs because of neuroses or provokes them. In this case, you must always consult a doctor.

Involuntary ejaculation in a dream byphysiological reasons does not require a visit to the doctor, but in order not to wake up wet in seminal fluid, you need to stock up a terry cloth or a small towel.

Increase the probability of ejaculation in a dreampreliminary reading of literature or watching movies of erotic content, as well as a plentiful meal before bed. A crowded bladder or rectum, pressing on the prostate gland, will cause a purification of the seminal vesicles. Much more often come the pollutions of athletes taking medications that stimulate the production of testosterone.

Active ejaculation can be not onlynight, but also daytime. Sometimes even the innocent touch of a stylist girl or an occasional handshake can cause an erotic excitement with orgasm. Adequate pollutions are very different from premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

How to curb ejaculation, the comingprematurely? Most sex therapists adhere to the criterion that ejaculation is considered premature if it occurs before two minutes of sexual intercourse. There are several ways to curb ejaculation:

  • use of special prolonging creams andointments, but the partner must always wear a condom, as these drugs have the effect of reducing sensitivity, and the partner may not feel excited;
  • temporary interruption of partners during intercourse, cessation of stimulation of the genitals. If this does not help, the man can squeeze the penis head in the bridle area and wait for the excitement wave;
  • strengthening pubic-coccygeal muscle. Finding it is very simple: what kind of muscle are you especially straining to strengthen your erection? In Kegel exercises it is recommended to periodically cut it and relax, starting from 1 second with the same pause, then 5 seconds with a five second break. And so to 30-second tension with relaxation. Repeat these phases, sexologists advise on 10 approaches. After 14 days, you can feel the first results. And in the future, with such stimulation of the pubic-coccygeal muscle, you can independently control ejaculation.
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