Lindineth 20 reviews about both effective and safe hormonal contraceptive

Lyndyneth preparation 20 which you can think aboutit is often found on the pages of medical resources, refers to a group of hormonal contraceptives. It contains 20 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol and 75 micrograms of Gestodene, so this is the last generation drug containing minimal doses of the hormone component and virtually devoid of the side effects inherent in previous hormone-based contraceptives. In particular, for Lindineth 20, side effects in the form of weight gain on the background of its intake are absolutely excluded, and this is clearly stated in the instructions for use. The only thing that can happen is the fluid retention in the body against the background of hypernatremia (increased intake of common table salt), therefore, when using the drug, it is necessary to monitor the intake of salt. It is desirable to limit its intake into the body to 5-7 grams per day.

The mechanism of action of the drug is double, which is beneficialstrengthens its contraceptive properties. It simultaneously blocks the transition of follicles to the stage of maturity, making it impossible to conceive, and promotes the formation of a dense mucous plug in the cervix, mechanically preventing penetration of spermatozoon cells into the uterine cavity.

In addition to the contraceptive effect, the drughas also a regulatory effect, that is, under its influence, the menstrual cycle is normalized (in the case of dysmenorrhea) and blood loss is reduced. In addition, if you read about the drug Lindineth 20 reviews, then in many of them indicate that the condition of the problem skin improves, acne disappears, the pores become narrower and even the shape of the breast improves, which, by outlines, becomes closer to "natural".

For the drug Lindineth 20 reception at the same timeTime 1 time per day is a good feature, convenient for patients. For example, if it is taken every morning at the same time, then a useful habit is developed over time and the risk of missing the intake is significantly reduced. But even if the daily intake was missed by using Lindineth 20, then it's okay: during the next 36 hours it can be taken in the usual dose and then continue to drink according to the old scheme. The effectiveness of the drug in this case is not reduced.

Sometimes about the drug Lindineth 20 reviews containinformation on small bloody discharge on the background of its administration. This really happens, especially in the first 2-3 months of use, subsequently such phenomena usually cease.

As with most other contraceptivesof preparations from a series of hormone-containing, for Lyndinet 20 reception is carried out according to a strictly defined scheme: during the 21st day daily, and then a break for 7 days, during which the menstrual cycle must pass. The next package should be started exactly after this period, even if the spotting has not stopped yet.

In general, about the hormonal contraceptive Lindineth 20reviews are very positive as a reliable and modern tool that is well tolerated. But we should not forget that this is still a medicinal product, and for any medicine, the manifestation of side effects is more or less the same. In particular, they can manifest in the drug Lindineth as episodic psycho-emotional lability (mood swings). This should be just remembered for those who take it constantly. In the case of such reactions, it makes sense to take mild sedatives, it is possible on a plant basis.

Taking Lindineth 20 is best underthe guidance of a gynecologist, with whom, if necessary, you can discuss all issues related to the features of the drug. Periodically, once every 3 months, it is strongly recommended to undergo a full gynecological examination.

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