Means "Neozidin". Instructions

Means "Neozidin" (powder) is intended for the prevention and treatment of blood-parasitic pathologies arising in sheep, cattle, dogs, horses. The active substance is diminazene diaceturate.

The drug "Neozidin." Instructions. Description

properly dilute neosedin

The medicine differs in a wide rangeantiprotozoic activity. The agent acts on the pathogens of pyroplasmosis, babesiosis, trypanosomiasis, nuttaliosis, teilerosis. The mechanism of activity is based on the ability of the active substance to slow down aerobic glycolysis and the synthesis of DNA from blood-parasites. This provokes the destruction of the cell structure and the death of pathogens. After the administration of the parenterally therapeutic concentration, the active ingredient reaches three or five hours later and persists throughout the day. Accumulation of the drug occurs in the liver and kidneys predominantly. Excretion - with urine, in nursing animals - partly with milk. The drug "Neozidin" instruction refers to moderately hazardous substances that affect the body. In therapeutic dosages it does not have sensitizing, local irritating, embryotoxic and teratogenic effects.

Means "Neozidin". Instructions for use

neozidin powder

The medicine is prescribed for mixed invasions,nuttaliose, francaella, teilerosis, babesiosis as a treatment and prevention. For therapeutic purposes, administration is performed intramuscularly once. Dosage is a milliliter for twenty kilograms of animal weight. If after the first introduction of a decrease in temperature and relief of the condition in the animal is not noted, it is permissible to repeat the injection after a day. For dogs, a dosage of half a milligram per ten kilograms of weight is recommended, divided into two doses. The interval between administrations is an hour or two. In the complex with the drug "Neozidin" the instruction recommends the use of antihistamines. In the case of dosing, more than ten milliliters, injections are carried out in different parts of the body. The sick animal is provided with rest. Additionally, in accordance with the condition, trace elements, vitamins, laxatives, and cardiac agents can be prescribed. As prevention, the drug is administered once in a therapeutic dosage. If necessary, the treatment is repeated after ten to fifteen days.

instructions neozidin
Before mass prophylaxis, the drug firstexperience on a small group. In the absence of complications for three days, the treatment is carried out with the entire population. In order to properly dilute Neozedin, you should inject water for injections or saline in a bottle with a dry preparation.

Additional Information

Slaughter animals allowed after twenty-oneday after the last administration of the drug. Milk dairy cattle is forbidden to use for food purposes before five days from the time of treatment. All work with the drug should be carried out, following the rules of maintenance and personal hygiene provided for using similar means. In case of accidental contact with mucous membranes or skin, rinse with plenty of water.

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