Self-interpretation of blood test results

A clinical blood test (general analysis) isA test that allows you to assess the blood counts in the aggregate. We are talking about hemoglobin, the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets, the color index and the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation (ESR). This analysis is mandatory, but there are other types: biochemical and blood test for antibodies. The general test is applied in all known types of medicine and makes it possible to diagnose a large number of diseases.

interpretation of the results of blood tests
In addition, it is used to monitorthe course of the disease, to control the course of pregnancy, and also to prevent health problems. Each indicator has its own boundaries, which are usually considered normal. Decrease or increase of these indicators is the basis for drawing up a clinical picture of the disease. Deciphering the results of blood tests is considered the prerogative of doctors, and this is true, but you can get an idea of ​​the results yourself. This article will help you in this.

Deciphering the results of blood tests

blood test lymphocytes
In the general analysis,set of indicators. As a rule, the doctor decides on the transcription, which knows the Latin abbreviations accepted in medicine and the limits of indicators. In modern forms are often given acceptable figures, and in order to have an idea of ​​their results, you need to know the following. One important indicator is hemoglobin, which takes part in the transfer between the lungs and cells of all organs of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is he who makes the blood red. Hematocrit is an indicator of the ratio of erythrocytes and blood plasma: with a large loss of blood, its level is reduced. Erythrocytes - a kind of transport for oxygen. It is necessary to know that for men and women the norm of the level of red blood cells is different. Platelets take part in the clotting process, they are also shown by a blood test. Lymphocytes and leukocytes are the means of immunity of your body. Granulocytes fight with infections that enter the body, with allergens and pathogens of inflammatory processes. ESR indirectly reflects the plasma protein content and indicates a possible inflammation. Deciphering the results of blood tests is not limited to these indicators, there are much more. However, you only need to know them all by treating doctors.

How to make UAC

blood test for antibodies

As shown by the interpretation of the results of the analyzesblood, the test takes into account a lot of parameters, because of what it may seem very difficult. But this is not so: the procedure is quite simple. To give blood is necessary on an empty stomach, and it is best if the last meal was not less than eight hours before the procedure. If this condition is difficult to observe, then after the last meal should take at least two hours. Blood sampling is carried out from an anonymous finger (sometimes - from a vein) with the help of a special device - a scarifier. The finger is treated with an alcoholic solution, pierced and the fluid is collected into a thin tube. The procedure takes less than one minute.

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